School Training Program


Vitacca School for Dance, Houston offers a School Training Program. This is a training only opportunity for intermediate and advanced dancers ages 8-18. The School Training Program prepares the dancer for the Vitacca Pre-Professional Program and/or offers a focused environment for study. Students 10 and up are placed by knowledge, ability and potential. Assessment class required for ages 10+. Contact Vitacca Principal to learn more, schedule an assessment class, and register:

Training Includes

  • Ballet

  • Pointe preparation

  • Jazz technique

  • Variations (age/level permitting)

  • Modern (age/level permitting)

  • Contemporary (age/level permitting)

Dress Code


TERM ONE | August 26* – December 18


Sept. 2
Nov. 25–31
Dec. 19–Jan. 5
March 16–22
April 10–12
May 25–26

*Term One School Training Program classes start on a different date than other training divisions


Fall classes start on August 26th


Assessment class required for ages 10+

Division A
Recommended ages 8–10 (training only)
Training includes:

  • Mandatory: two ballet classes per week

  • Recommended: one jazz class per week

Division B
Recommended ages 10–12 (training only)
Training includes:

  • Mandatory: two ballet, one pointe preparation and one jazz technique per week

  • Recommended: three ballet classes, two pointe preparation

Division A/B
Recommended ages 12-14 (training only)
Training includes:

  • Mandatory: three ballet, one pointe prep, one modern and one contemporary per week.

  • Recommended: four ballet classes, variations class, and conditioning

Division C
Recommended ages 13-18 (training only)
Training includes:

  • Mandatory: two ballet, one modern technique and one contemporary per week

  • Recommended: one conditioning class, pointe prep and/or pointe class upon school directors approval

Other Programming

Vitacca's Children’s Program is designed for dancers ages three to eight interested in ballet. Find out more on the Children’s Program page.

Young Artist Winter Workshop will be offered on Saturday, January 4, 2020 for ages 5-11. Find out more.