School Training Program


Vitacca's School Training Program is a training only opportunity for intermediate and advanced dancers ages 8-18. The School Training Program prepares the dancer for the Vitacca Pre-Professional Program and/or offers a focused environment for study. Students 10 and up are placed by knowledge, ability and potential. Assessment class required for ages 10+. Contact Vitacca Principal to learn more, schedule an assessment class, and register:

Training Includes

  • Ballet

  • Pointe preparation

  • Jazz technique

  • Variations (age/level permitting)

  • Modern (age/level permitting)

  • Contemporary (age/level permitting)

Dress Code


TERM ONE | August 26* – December 18


Sept. 2
Nov. 25–31
Dec. 19–Jan. 5
March 16–22
April 10–12
May 25–26

*Term One School Training Program classes start on a different date than other training divisions


Fall classes start on August 26th


Assessment class required for ages 10+

Division A
Recommended ages 8–10 (training only)
Training includes:

  • Mandatory: two ballet classes per week

  • Recommended: one jazz class per week

Division B
Recommended ages 10–12 (training only)
Training includes:

  • Mandatory: two ballet, one pointe preparation, one jazz technique and one conditioning per week

  • Recommended: three ballet classes, two pointe preparation

Division A/B
Recommended ages 12-14 (training only)
Training includes:

  • Mandatory: three ballet, one pointe prep, one modern and one contemporary per week.

  • Recommended: four ballet classes, variations class, and conditioning

Division C
Recommended ages 13-18 (training only)
Training includes:

  • Mandatory: two ballet, one modern technique and one contemporary per week

  • Recommended: one conditioning class

Vitacca's Children’s Program is designed for dancers ages three to eight interested in ballet. Find out more.