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Vitacca Vocational School For DAnce

The Organization


Under the Artistic Direction of Kelly Ann Vitacca, Vitacca Vocational School For Dance is established in Houston, Texas as a school for gifted dancers, ages 5-19. Vitacca provides advanced ballet technique, modern and contemporary movement coaching which acts as the foundation for professional dance careers and college preparation. Dancers work with a world-class faculty, notable local artists and renowned national artists. Due to the school’s limited acceptance rate, each dancer receives personal attention and coaching from faculty and guest artists. Through rigorous technique classes and the creation of advanced repertoire, the school educates the aspiring dancer on the artistic process, a disciplined work ethic and dance industry standards. 

Vitacca Vocational School For Dance offers primary, pre-professional and professional training programs for the focused dancer . The school’s curriculum and culture is designed to push each dancer beyond their technical and artistic abilities and offer the education needed to pursue a long, healthy and professional career. 



Vitacca  is committed to the intellectual vitality of the community by providing a foundation for development of the art of dance. Vitacca fosters emerging dancers, choreographers and educators through world-class coaching, artistic collaborations, and professional performances which advance dance as a medium and provoke thought. 



Vitacca’s individual focus nurtures dancers and choreographers to grow as unique artists and create significant additions to the art form and the community. Our projects promote artistic exploration, while accelerating dance artists beyond preconceived limitations.

You are one of the main reasons I fell in love with dance. It was with you that I learned technical concepts and discipline. More importantly, it was with you that I learned how to express the passion and joy I feel for dance through the beauty of movement.
— Ashley Tsai, former student