The Pre-Professional Program is a graded and structured training opportunity for intermediate and advanced dancers ages 11-19. This program prepares the dancer for the Vitacca Professional Program and/or offers a focused environment for study. Designed with a technique based focus, the dancer refines the core fundamentals and undergoes graded evaluations for future growth and advancement. Assessment class required.

Program Includes

While under review for evaluation, Vitacca's Pre-Professional Program offers aspiring dancers the opportunity to train in cohesive program including: 

  • Ballet

  • Men's Ballet Focus Class

  • Pointe and/or Pointe preperation

  • Contemporary

  • Modern

  • Performance within competitive events (by invitation)

  • Performance within school productions (by invitation)



To Participate:


For participation in the Pre-Professional Program, dancers 11+ are required to attend an assessment class. If you are interested in attending Vitacca technique classes contact Vitacca at 713.205.0355 or info@vitacca.org.


Class Attire

Graded Program Dress Code


Gentlemen: black or white tight fitting top, black tights, black ballet shoes


Ladies: light pink leotard, black/pink tights

G1, G2, G3

Ladies: navy leotard, black/pink tights


All dancers: corresponding division leotards and black tights

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