The Pre-Professional Program is a graded and structured training opportunity for intermediate and advanced dancers ages 9-14. This program prepares the dancer for the Vitacca Professional Program and/or offers a focused environment for study. Designed with a technique based focus, the dancer refines the core fundamentals and undergoes graded evaluations for future growth and advancement.  Audition class required.

Program Includes

While under review for evaluation, Vitacca's Pre-Professional Program offers aspiring dancers the opportunity to train in technique classes including: 

  • Ballet
  • Men's Ballet Focus Class
  • Pointe preperation
  • Contemporary
  • Modern


To Participate:


For participation in the Pre-Professional Program, dancers 10+ are required to attend an audition class and dancers 5-9 are welcome to open enroll. If you are interested in attending Vitacca technique classes, use the link below to request an audition class or open enroll here. Registration can be completed on-site or download and submit the registration form seen below by email to info@vitacca.org. For more information contact Vitacca at 713.205.0355

$25 assessment class fee due at time of check-in.



Class Attire

Graded Program Dress Code


Gentlemen: black or white tight fitting top, black tights, black ballet shoes


Ladies: light pink leotard, black/pink tights

G1, G2, G3

Ladies: navy leotard, black/pink tights


All dancers: corresponding division leotards and black tights

graded program page copy.jpg


Vitacca's Term Two Class Schedule begins January 8 through May 26.

View our class schedule including Graded and Open classes.